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Speedway Stout?


I guess some made it all the way to Massachusetts and a store locally has a case.
Just put my order in for a bottle, is it THAT good?

Seems to be rated very high

Have you heard about the special-edition Brewer's Reserve Speedway Stout, which is aged in Bourbon barrels, has been rated the #1 BEST BEER IN THE WORLD at It was also featured on CNBC's "Squawk Box" in a segment on the best dark beers in America.


I'd be interested in trying.  8)

Got one in the basement now, wont be toughing it until next year OR later.

i've got a couple i've been saving a couple years.  if i could get them with ease, i'd drink them all the time.  fantastic beer.  all that.

Finally had this last night. It is pretty darn good... lots of depth.


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