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I am trying to put together a recipe for a batch of Raspberry Wheat Ale.  Well, half of it anyway.  The other half will be a Ginger Honey Wheat.  What I haven't been able to figure out is how to estimate (theoretical) OG if I were to add the raspberry into the secondary fermenter.  For the other half, I think the honey calculation for adding post primary fermentation would be the same as if it were in the primary.

P.S.  Would you "dry-hop" the ginger in the keg?

Or, phrased another way: How do you calculate or estimate the gravity addition from fruit?

I used to have a chart from OSU that listed all that, but these are what I could find now...

Thanks, Denny.  As I see it,  I'll just figure the weight of the sugars by the %'s listed in those charts (one says 7% the other, 9.5%, so I'll use the average -8.25%- for my guess). I can put that weight of sugar into the ProMash recipe as if it were in the boil, right?

So, I added 6 cans of Oregon Fruit Co. Raspberries (couldn't get hold of the puree) to my fermenter bucket after 5 days.  That's 5.3# of raspberries or 0.94# sugar that I can put into the original recipe on ProMash as if it were there from the beginning.  Then take the anticipated gravity including the fruit and plug that into the efficiency gravity as if I had actually measured it thus.
N'est pas?


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