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Keffir Lime and Lemongrass Berliner Weisse

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Does anyone have any ideas as to the best way to introduce these ingredients into my beer?  I want something citrusy and refreshing.  I've done a Berliner Weisse before but have never worked with Keffir Lime or Lemongrass.  Do I add at the end of the boil?  Do a tea?  Dry hop? 

Any help is appreciated!


Saw this on hbd as well...

I've only used kaffir once, and I crushed (crunched and torn with my hands) two large leaves and put in at the end of the boil.  Low, but noticeable aroma.  I would suppose you could add it in any of the ways you mentioned.

I haven't dealt with lemongrass in brewing.  When used for cooking, I like to cook it for about 5-8 min right before serving the dish (usually some type of curry).  I would suppose doing the same for brewing would work well.

Good luck, and I look forward to the other responses as well.

You could try making a vodka infusion. (Take your lemon grass and soak it in just enough vodka to cover it. Then after about a week or so pour it though a coffee filter.) Then after the beer is carbonated add the infusions.  I would also keep the infusions separate for better taste control.

I have never tried brewing with lemon grass or kefir lime but this works great for adding spruce tip flavor to beer.  If you keg your beer, just take a 6.4 oz sample (for a 5 gal) and add the infusions a couple of drops at a time until you like the taste. Then multiply times 100 and add to the keg. Also if you don’t like the taste, you’re only out 6 oz of your beer and not 5 gal. 


Thanks for the help guys!  And yes- I did put the question on hbd as well, looking for as much help as I can get, especially since TechTalk is gone.

I use Kaffir lime leaves & lemongrass on a farely regular basis in both brewing & cooking. The flavors aren't really complimentary, so my suggestion is to choose one or the other for your Berliner Weiße. The dried leaves or grass can be added at the EOB/KO or the secondary as a tea. I've never had a problem using them as a "dry-spice" either.  ;) 


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