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Beer Brined Turkey

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Nagel Family Brewing:
I am wanting to try Sean Paxton's Beer brined turkey with some homebrewed brown ale.  The brown ale I brewed is good but has a slight fusel alcohol taste.  The taste would all cook out right?

I'd imagine that you wouldn't impart any of the fusel taste to the bird unless you really brined the heck out of it.  I'm planning on using his brine suggestion/recipe myself this week with some sweet stout!

Nagel Family Brewing:
I started the brining of Turkey last night using Sean Paxton's recipe off of www.homebrewchef.com.  I used a Pale Ale.  It smelled delicious!

I went with a dark mild and brined it from aroudn 8pm the night before to 1pm the next day...came out damn near perfect.

Nagel Family Brewing:
I endend up brining about the same amount of time.  It was amazing.  Best turkey I had ever had.  Kudos to Sean Paxton for the great recipe.


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