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lonnie mac:
Man, it was a great day! It took almost all day but I stripped Pub Phun of every single beer line and beer tap, co2 manifold and all, and spent the whole day cleaning and recirculating beer line cleaner through it all... I don't do this often enough and man, the gunk can build up.

So I just got done, reinstalled everything, lines look like brand new! I plug in the lines, plug in the co2 lines, turn it all on,,, close the bar top. A GREAT day! Feels great to be clean.

Then I noticed all the beer shooting straight at my wall! :)

Yep. My taps were soaking in the kitchen sink...

Done it again. It is hell being mostly deaf!

Could be worse.  My buddy texted me the other day.  He came home from out of town to find 4 out of 5 gallons had leaked from his secondary.  He didn't tighten down the spigot in the bucket good enough.  He ferments in a wine fridge in his living room.  He was so pissed he trashed the rest of it.  I said, "Dude!  That was still a gallon!  And some yeast you could have saved!"

lonnie mac:
Ah yes, been there too. In fact to start off my day today, I found 2 gallons of Berliner Weisse in the bottom of the bar. Trying to forget that part!

lonnie mac:
Man, the day never ends! So here it is, roughly 7 or so hours after my original post here... Almost ready for bed. So I go and get a small tap of my Janet's brown just to make sure everything is cool you know after all the cleaning... Nothing... I mean not a drop. I open the bar, all is well. Everything is hooked up just fine to the keg and co2 turned on... Close the bar, pull, and still nothing.

Then I see the thermocouple for my controller hanging outside of the kegerator on the floor just where I left it this morning! I never placed it back into the kegerator!

I am Lonnie Mac. And I am stupid!

Beer lines should thaw by morn...

Look at it this way: you spent most of a day playing with your beer toys - how bad could it be?


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