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OK, Here is what I am going to do.  I have a WY Trappist pack (I think 3789) that NEEDS to get used.  SWMBO is going shopping the Saturday after TG and I get to like my burner that night!  (It is tough with 2 little ones and home emprovement)

So I am making a dubbel.  I will make 10 gallons.  5 of which go on the Trappist with brett and wondering everyones thoughts on the 2nd half.  I have 3864 Unibroue ready, 1098, Lager 2007, US-05, I have beer on 1214 That needs bottleing.

I know some whill say-lets see the beer first.  I'll post that after some tinkerin'

But let's have fun here.  I'll dryhop or doctor to the groups instruction.

One thought is pull off 5 gallons and make something. "lighter"  Then drop in a pound of sugar for good measure to feed that 3789

FWIW I think 3864 makes a GREAT dubbel.

That is certainly one angle.  two different dubbles.  Unibroue which will be stronge and clean and that 3789 which has the brett. 

I definately am not trying for a trippel.  I want taste to be priority 1.

So any belgian gurus -holler!

Using on single wort and different yeasts will be a great test. Many have done single wort multiple yeast beers in the past as a way to profile the yeast and tell exactly what you will get from it. If you are doing a wort for a dubbel then by all means use 2 different Belgian strains and see what happens. Make sure you take very detailed notes so you can do a side by side tasting. Again take very good tasting notes so you can chose these yeasts in the future based on the flavor/ester profile you want. Good luck and happy fermentations.


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