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Locating English Pale Malt Extract

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I plan on making Jamil Zainasheff's ESB-Programmer's Elbow.  He specifically mentions English Pale Malt Extract.  There has been much discussion on the web regarding this.  I have seen maris otter extract mentioned but find it difficult to locate.  Would Munton & Fison Light extract suffice?  Also with cans providing 3.3 lbs what are others doing to get to 8.6 lbs.


Williams home brew in California and online use to have it at least. They have one of the best extract selections out there also. 8)

Williams no longer has maris otter extract and neither does More Beer.  I am guessing I will have to substitute it for another product; although I am waiting to hear if M&F Light Malt Extract is an equivalent. 

"English Pale" doesn't necessarily mean MO, at least in the AG world. An English extract might be a better option than an American one, but I'd bet it isn't critical.

For an ESB, it's pretty critical to have a rich tasting base malt. 


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