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My simple carboy washer

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Today I put together a carboy washer with a few things I had lying around at the house. Here is a page with pics and a description:

That idea has been around for a long time and many brewers have build one. I just felt like documenting how simple it can be to build one. The only major piece of equipment is the pump which I already had for pumping ice water through my immersion chiller.



I'm a fitting and some epoxy away from building one tonight.

I always hate the idea of filling a carboy with warm/hot water and then dumping it out if I have nothing else to clean.

Great idea Kai. That's just what I need.  8)

I've seen the other designs online.  This one looks much simpler and cheaper than sweat fitting a bunch of copper piping.


--- Quote from: NorthernIke on November 23, 2009, 02:41:23 PM ---This one looks much simpler and cheaper than sweat fitting a bunch of copper piping.

--- End quote ---

I was thinking about copper before. When I had a few fittings in my hand and was looking at the price I though WTF. Especially when the PVC/CPVC display was right next to it and looked so much cheaper. I was even planning to make a fitting that screws onto the pump (w/o the male QC that I ended up using) but the threads didn't end up fitting so I settled on the much cheaper option with the male QC.

Make sure the pump is not too tall and the pump fits into the bucket while being able to shoot water up the center. I quess you could add two ellbows if the latter becomes a problem.



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