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How do you take your AIPA, sir?

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Pawtucket Patriot:

It's fairly easy to make a drinkable AIPA.  But AIPAs have always been a little difficult for me to do really well.  Personally, my favorite examples of the style are Odell IPA and Bell's Two Hearted, which are both relatively balanced, IMO.  In other words, they have a pronounced hop presence that is complimented by a discernible malt presence.  My most recent AIPA is a bit too dry for my tastes (although the hop profile is nice).  How do you guys (and gals) prefer your AIPAs?

I just killed a APA with no crystal (15% Munich II.) It was good but I like it with 5-7% crystal more.

I prefer mine balanced, although I have had commercial examples that were pretty dry and quite tasty as well.

While I like my IPA on the dry side I don't want it too dry, so I chose "balanced" on the poll. I find IPA one of the easiest styles to do well. Maybe its my water.

Pawtucket Patriot:
You could be on to something regarding water, Keith.  I always make sure my mash pH is correct (between 5.1-5.5), but I don't do much water adjustment beyond that.  One of my issues with my dry AIPAs is that the hop bitterness just isn't very pleasant -- it's too harsh.  A lacking mineral composition could be having an effect on the quality of the bitterness.

My most recent hop profile for AIPA was:
.33 oz Centennial, .33 oz Cascade, .33 oz Amarillo (FWH)
.50 oz Columbus (60 min)
.33 oz Centennial, .33 oz Cascade, .33 oz Amarillo (30 min)
.33 oz Centennial, .33 oz Cascade, .33 oz Amarillo (15 min)
.33 oz Centennial, .33 oz Cascade, .33 oz Amarillo (1 min)
.50 oz Centennial, .50 oz Cascade (dry hop)

O.G. 1.062, IBU 67

On the other hand, my water is almost perfectly suited for many German beers.  Alts and Helles turn out particularly well with virtually no water adjustment. 


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