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Has anyone brewed with toasted coconut? I have come across a Coconut Porter recipe and would like to try it. My concern is the coconut may be too oily even though it is toasted. The recipe says to taost the coconut then put it in the secondary. Any thoughts on this?

Seems like I recall a toasted coconut porter that won NHC about 10 years ago.  You might check the recipe wiki to see if it's in there.

I've brewed with coconut a bunch of times. You want to use raw coconut, not the stuff with sugar on it. Be sure to use a grain bag, it can get messy. Also, don't leave it in the secondary for more that 5'ish days. It cant get nasty with too much contact time.


People LOVED this stout. We served it at the Farmers' Market to the public.

"Add 4 lbs toasted coconut last 10 min of boil. Use Coconut milk powder instead of malto-dextrine."
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Pawtucket Patriot:
There was a chocolate coconut porter brewed by a member of the Northern Brewer homebrewing forum, blankaBrew, that was actually featured on the History Channel show called "The Works."  It looked pretty interesting.  Here is a link to the recipe.


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