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One step closer to the brew stand.

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  I have a buddy who hals steel for a living. He came over this weekend for a beer and a tour of the brewery. I was explaining to him my plans for a new rig. He asked me how much of what I needed. I figured I will need 2 - 69", 2 - 71", 8 - 16", and 2 - 30" of 2x2 1/8  inch steel. He told me it was not a problem. His employer let the  guys take pieces they need for personal, or friends projects. So, I gave him a cut sheet, and in a few days, I should have all my parts, pre-cut, and free of charge! CHA-CHING!!!!!!

lonnie mac:
Whatcha building weazletoe?

It is nice to have friends  ;D

Building a new stand for my mash tun, HLT, and kettle.

Are you building a single tier system?

Just curious because I'm getting ready to build a stand too.


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