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What's Brewing This Weekend - 10/29 Edition

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This weekend's grand plan - trying to figure out where everything gets stuffed in the new brewery... and how best to abuse the fact that I have a beefy sink and independent hot water heater.

I installed a sink and water heater for brewing a few weeks back.  They made a huge difference in my work flow, but maybe the biggest difference was having more counter space!

I'll be brewing Herman Holtrop's Rochefort recipe this weekend.

Denny - did you install an on demand water heater (tankless) or with a tank?  I am thinking about that for my brewery - would make things a bit quicker on brewday.

12gal of Majorvice's Traditional Bock on Sunday. 

Burton ale to pitch on my ballantine ipa yeast slug (east coast yeast old newark ale)

might roast my pie pumpkins this weekend and get to brewing the pumpkin saison sometime next week.

Pawtucket Patriot:
Northern Brewer's Innkeeper recipe. I need a good bitter on tap.  8)


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