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my first brew!

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Hey everyone, you may or may not remember my post a week or so ago regarding cooling my wort.  Well I brewed up my very first batch last night and it cooled very quickly.. (about 10 minuets). 
My next question is... my beer/wort (not sure what we call it now) hasn't shown much foaming action in my carboy.  My airlock is bubbling once every 17-18 seconds.  Is this something I should worry about?  It's been about 19 hours since I pitched my yeast.  Oh and the room temperature is right around 70 degrees F.  I included a picture.

Looks like it is fine. Congrats.

Congrats on the first beer.  Looks okay.  Let it ferment for a week or two then check the gravity and report back.

Thanks guys  :).  I was just a little worried.  From what I read it sounded like there would be a lot more foaming action that what I have going on.  I can't wait to brew my next batch and I haven't even tasted this one yet lol

What recipe did you use? yeast? pitching temp? etc..


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