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I've got some crazy questions. One is- how long should a warm bottle of beer chill before opening?

I've been told 24 hours for homebrew because "most of the co2 is in the head-space" and that it takes being chilled to get the co2 into solution.

Sounds like BS but I've had experiences with Belgian brews throwing the cork when rapidly chilled in the freezer and their partner being quite a bit more sedate the next day.

I'm going to open a bottle of Chimay red I bought just over an hour ago. :D

If in a hurry I just stick it in the freezer and set a timer for 30 minutes.  Been using this method for 37 years. 

Not forgeting it's in the freezer is pretty important.

The legal drinking age when I started was 18, in 1973.

As I was opening the Chimay it occurred to me that it might still be a temp diff. The beer in the glass measured 50F which is just about perfect I think. If it had sat in the fridge overnight then it probably would be 40 maybe 37 degrees.

The uncorking was noisy but it didn't gush or anything. BTW this bottle of Chimay sucks but that's another subject.

I've rapid chilled beer for years but I also tend to buy beer that is already chilled. It's a patience thing but also I don't like to buy warm beer for some reason.  ???

The fastest way I've found is spinning the bottle in an ice water bath.  But I'm usually too lazy and do the freezer/timer thing too.

I also have one of those cold mug things that has liquid in the walls, you just keep it in the freezer until you need it.  It will chill a drink quickly.  It works really well for the first beer and you can stick the rest in the freezer to get cold while you drink the first.  ;)


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