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Growing up an alien wild yeast from scratch

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anybody done this or have a process that works well??
I have a culture that I want to try to build up to beer fermentation levels
It is on the stir plate and I have been slowly trying to build the numbers of
yeasties by doubling the pitch rates over and over...cept I got side lined and
forgot to proceed and the yeast sat a long time in the fridge....I am trying to
give it a start again..we will see...I have minimal activity in a quart of starter wert.

Do you know what type of wild yeast it is?
What's it smell like?

Do you live near Roswell?   ;D


--- Quote from: hopfenundmalz on October 30, 2010, 06:52:29 PM ---Do you live near Roswell?   ;D

--- End quote ---

1K miles from roswell...ha ha ha
No this was a yeast that started in a bottle of V8 Peach Mango Fusion in the
fridge at 40 something degrees....but Now it is on the stirplate and is demonstrating
top fermentation characteristerics...little round colonies...I pitched it into a quart starter
and prolly did not have many viable cells to begin with.  

Alien because I do NOT know what it is...ale or lager  or Brett...I drank some of the last
starter that was with this yeast that had completed. It tastes like chanterelle mushrooms smell
kind of apricot but different.  Maybe it is a Brett I do not know, but I am gonna brew
with it if I can get it going...
It is really pleasant

wish I could help, but I've only fiddled with the brett series and the sour mixes.  I'm curious to find out how your wild stuff turns out.


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