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Holy Pumkin beer bat man!


So I want to piss off the establishment, how can a one do this, easy take a perfect beer with a perfect clone and F- with it. Enjopy the ride. This way to lame so indulge this ass.

Take Beerfan's SNPA recipe and add 3 1/2 pounds of roast pumpkin and there you go. SNPPA!

I know this is lame but someone had to do it, by the way the recipe is copyrighted. ;D

I really should delete this, but this needs more 60 minute hops, it tastes some what cloying. you could add a higher carbonation and a lower mash temp. Don't forget to dry hop it at least 0.5 ounce better yet 1 ounce.

Thank you all, for indulging my arrogance..

Its blasphemy!

The pumpkin pancakes are way better!


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