Author Topic: Does any have any blueprints for building a storage shelf for brewing equipment?  (Read 4471 times)

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Does any have any blueprints for building a storage shelf for brewing equipment? I would like to make or buy something to make my equipment more organized. 
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I find the absolute best deal there is on shelves are the plastic ones I get at Home Depot (although I am sure you can get them somewhere else.) They assemble in seconds. My brew storage is the 24" deep one, and I bought 4 tubs that fit perfectly side by side and hold everything with room for more.....

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I like the 'bread rack' style of shelves you can get at the big box stores.  They come in different sizes, are customizable, and hold a lot of weight.  The ones in my brew storage area have a 350 lb/shelf capacity (and sometimes I think that's not enough!), and don't bend over time.  Since they are customizable, you can make a stand alone rack, and if you have any extra shelf pieces, make a wall mounted or short stand version.  Last time I bought them, I made the bottom shelf 3 inches from the floor and the second one about 3 inches over the height of a corny keg.  And several above that.  I ended up with an extra, and mounted the shelf to some extra poles (from another project!) and mounted it next to my laundry tub, and partially over.  It's great to clean things, then put upside down on the shelf and they dry.  Easy to clean, and strong!

Hope that helps.  The shelves cost about $60-70 (on sale), $80 regular, for a 5 shelf unit from my local Lowes.

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+1 Got a couple in chrome. Handy as all get out..
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I use a lot Gorilla brand shelving from Sam's Club.  Very solid stuff and configurable, up to a point.

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