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I am making the leap into all grain brewing. The problem I have is that in order for me to do that I would need to store grain. I live to far away from a homebrew shop to make a trip whenever I need grain, but close enough to make a trip two or three times a year. Getting the grain shipped would mean quite a large shipping bill and would be cheaper for me just to drive to pick it up. So does anyone have a similar problem that could offer advice on storing large amounts of grain will little spoilage as possible?

Thank you,
Neil Robinson

When you buy grain in 50/55 lb bags they already have moisture barrier.
Make sure that mice will not get to it and you should be O.K.
I have about 150 lb of base grain in my basement in original bags and it seams to be working fine.

I definitely have the same problem.  The closest brew shop that sells grain is a 2.5 hour drive away.  They've sent my order by regular mail before and its arrived the next day, but $25 of grain ends up costing closer to $40 that way.  When I get the chance to drive that way, I pick up enough grain for a couple batches.

It really puts a damper on spontaneous brewing, but unfortunatley, thats the way it going to remain until I get myself a grain mill.  At that point I will start buying in bulk and storing in airtight storage bins.  At the moment, I store the milled grain that I do have in the freezer.

Get yourself a mill and you won't regret buying in bulk!

55 gallon plastic drum with a clamp on lid

I use large Rubbermaid totes for storing my grain. Keeps it dry and also keeps the mice out. Plastic trash cans work weel too.


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