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Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest


I just picked up a couple of bombers of Sierra Nevada Northern  Hemisphere Harvest at the local natural foods store.  Fridays are 20% off beer days there.  Even at 20% off it's a bit pricey.  I will not get to try them until after the store has closed today (Friday).  They will probably be sold out by next Friday.

Has anybody tried this year's run yet?  If so what did ya think?

Is it good enough that I should go back and buy a few more while they are on sale?

Bought it at the grocery store a week or so ago and was very impressed. A delicious beer with loads of fresh hops flavor while remaining drinkable. Pine, citrus, malt all in balance. Headed back for more myself (though not for long-term storage).

Thanks for the feedback!  I went back to the store and bought a case of bombers.

The beers I like do not improve with age, so I don't let them.

Drank a couple while bottling some mead today.  Very nice!  Bitter...

Reminds me of when they got Celebration right, once, a few years ago - but they've backed off of that fine run in the years since.


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