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Should I begin doing a full boil?

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Hi All,

New to the forum.

I haven't brewed anything in about 10 years.  

Decided to start up again.

If I'm brewing with extracts only, do I need to or should I do a full volume wort boil?  Or is it OK to only boil a portion and have the rest of the water in the fermenter?

Thank you,


A concentrated boil will decrease hop utilization and darken the wort. No big deal. Just adjust your bittering hops for the concentrated boil and you're good to go.

i'm pretty new to homebrewing and did my first half a dozen batches inside on the stove doing partial boils, but the time it took me to get just 3 gallons of water to boil is what ultimately did me in and i went out and bought a ten gallon pot and a bayou classic burner.  of course that lasted six batches and i just ordered an all grain system from northern brewer this week.

good luck whatever you choose and welcome back into the hobby!!!!!

IMO, I think full-volume boils are worth it. Like has been said before, partial-volume boils decrease hop utilization and darken the beer. If you have the means, I'd do so. It will take longer to cool, but I think you'll see an improvement in you finished product.

you can always buy more stuff...or build it.  It is really easy to make an immersion chiller out of soft copper.


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