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So the friendly neighborhood UPS guy just dropped off my new Bayou Classic SP-10.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened the box.  However after taking a look at the beast and reading through the manual I must admit I'm a little intimidated, having never used a stand-alone burner this big before. 

The assembly was straight-forward:  Screw the hose barb into the burner and tighten.

Any tips for using it to help me prevent myself from either frying my face off or blowing up/burning down my house and the surrounding countryside?  My main concern after reading the manual was the use of it in my garage.  The manual explicitly said not to do that.  I'll be using it outside in the open air when possible but was hoping to be able to use it in my garage when necessary (with both doors wide open of course). 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Just check for gas leaks, using windex or some soapy mix in a spray bottle. If you see bubbles, tighten or use some teflon tape. I alway boil outside, better safe than sorry when it comes to carbon monoxide. (gotta save some brain cells ;) ) Make sure you have it on low when you light it up, you can hear how much gas is flowing. Happy Brewing!!

So spray the windex along the length of the hose especially where it's connected to the burner?  I'm not as worried about the carbon monoxide (since my garage is pretty big and with both doors open it should be ventilated enough) as I am about lighting the ceiling on fire.

And yeah, if I can brew outside on the driveway I will.  But my brew days will generally need to be planned kind of far in advance and if I have to rely on the weather being good then that'll put a crimp in the plan.

I have that same burner, it's powerful but nothing to be scared of. Just adjust the regulator to get a nice solid blue flame and you're good to go. Oh, and make SURE you run it outside the first time. The paint will cook off near the top and CO or no, you don't want those fumes in your garage.


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