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Bonehead move at the LHBS


  So I was getting grain for 2 beers this long weekend. A pale ale, and a breakfast stout. Had all my grain for the pale ale in a bag. All I needed for the b-stout was .5# of roasted barley, I have eveything else at home. So, me being the numb nut that I am, takes the .5# of roasted barley, and throws it right on top of my pale ale grain. I got to spend the evening separating roasted barley, from two row, and Carapils... ::)

   Good news is, I'll get to try out my fancy new  50' chiller. 

I usually have homebrew while I'm brewing...but seldom before driving to the homebrew shop!

Yeah, my brew shop has two taps, free to the masses.  :-[


--- Quote from: weazletoe on November 25, 2009, 03:57:29 AM ---Yeah, my brew shop has two taps, free to the masses.  :-[

--- End quote ---

That's awesome! Sorry you wasted your evening. I bet you realized what you did immediately!


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