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Author Topic: Brewing TV - Episode 24: Sahti Throwdown!  (Read 1289 times)

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Brewing TV - Episode 24: Sahti Throwdown!
« on: November 19, 2010, 06:58:31 am »

Guest hosts Michael Agnew (A Perfect Pint) and Mark Roberts take us inside the magical process of making sahti. This traditional Finnish beer is generally prepared unhopped, unboiled and filtered through a bed of juniper branches, twigs and berries. Dawson once described it as "drinking Christmas in a glass." Join us for this special brew session.

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Re: Brewing TV - Episode 24: Sahti Throwdown!
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2010, 09:51:57 am »
Thanks for this!  I've read the Brewing Techniques Sahti article a couple times and every time I come away NEEDING to make a Sahti - this has given me yet more inspiration to do so.

One this I've not seen mention of in either place is of the importance how and when you harvest the Juniper.  Maybe not mentioned because it doesn't matter, but I have to think that certain times of year (like with Spruce Beer), tender, green growth produces more delicate, less woody flavors.    Any experienced Sahti brewers care to comment?