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I'm fairly thick skinned, so I haven't turned the heat on in the apt yet.  So, it's about 65 degrees or so.  I just smacked a pack of wy1968, and I was needing also to soften some butter to make some cookies, and I get an idea.  I turn on the oven for about 30 seconds, then pop the butter and yeast inside where it's more cozy.

Yep, you can probably see where this is going.

I continue on with dinner, and my girlfriend arrives with some surprise fancy breadsticks.  Great!  I'll pre-heat the oven!

About 3 minutes later, we hear a very loud POP!

The silver lining is that the smack pack ruptured on top, and didn't spray yeast all over the hot oven.  I can't imagine how that would smell.

 ;D It could have been worse!

Now THAT is funny! And sad. But mostly funny!  :D

You get lucky sometimes.  8)

Definitely funny!!!  I remember a while back reading about this guy who was hiding his fireworks in the oven so his roommates wouldn't find them and one of them decided to have a pizza.  #1 on the instructions: Preheat oven.... :o


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