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Magnesium carbonate


Does anyone know of a source for food grade MgCO3?

It's just a geeky thing, but this is one of the few salts I'm mssing. I have a hard time making true Munich water w/o that stuff since there is a lot of Mg and little Cl or SO4. I know that mimicing that water exaclty doesn't really matter as long as you match residual alkalinity, hardness and maybe the Cl/SO4 ratio. But I'd like to have that salt too. A fellow brewer was able to get me MgCl2, which isn't widely used by brewers either.

Google didn't show much. There seem to be little food uses of that stuff. I have it as chalk for climbing but I don't trust that it is pure.


Got an idea Kai

You could take some RO water and put the climbing chalk in there and send it to Ward Labs

Would tell you a few things

Whats in the chalk and how thorough the RO system is working.

Could just get you some of my water at the February meeting, I know its got Magnesium in it forget the number though.

I fond the stuff in health food stores.

Some of the climbing chalk claims to be 100% pure with no additives but I have always been a bit cautious with that. Although, I have breathed my fair share of chalk dust at this point. Maybe I try dissolving it wit CO2 to see if it would actually work.

My tap water has a lot of Mg too, but also arsenic, which is why I use RO water in the first place.


You may have better luck in finding MgO. It is used in water conditioning and in the pharmaceutical world. Easier to find would be my guess.


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