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Beer brewers tend to be pretty good cooks.  So share... wots fo dinah tonight?

Tomorrow is Monday - wash day.

Jus started dem red beans soaken fo red beans and rice, me.


Grilled chicken and steak tacos with rice and beans to celebrate my birthday today.  8)

Yesterday I sliced up 12 lbs of cured, smoked meat.  8lbs of pork loin, cured with curing salts and various spices (including garam masala, don't ask me why), and a 4lb eye of round beef roast, which isn't much on its own but cured, smoked, and sliced thin should make great sandwich meat.  Run through the meat slicer, bagged, and frozen.

That done, it was onto Sunday night's meal.  I spatchcocked and almost completely deboned a chicken, using all the bones and trimmings to make an aromatic stock.  The chicken was seasoned and refrigerated, the stock was used to make a gravy.  Boiled and mashed some potatoes, and then smoke-roasted the chicken with hickory wood for an hour and a half.  Heated up some homemade rolls the wife had made the other day, and glanced furtively at some vegetables (no more than a glance, I admit), and it was dinner time.  Good stuff!  Not health food, but ok every now and then.

I did spatchcocked chicken last night too. Kroger's had whole chickens for $0.49/lb on Saturday so we stocked the freezer. Marinated one for half the day in a ancho/chipotle/lime and olive oil mixture and then seared breast down over some lump for 15 minutes, flipped, lowered the coals, tossed in some applewood chips, and roasted for an hour. The wife roasted some new potatoes and steamed some broccoli and we ate wonderfully! We've been having such great weather around here lately. High 60ยบ's in the evening so kids played outside all afternoon.

While cooking, I noticed several areas for improvement on the side pit smoker. I have the wood stove gaskets ready and just need to glue them down. Should shore up some smoke leaks and help keep a more consistent temp when smoking.

Turkey Burgers with spicy chili mayo on grilled bun

emmenthaler/sharp cheddar mac and cheese (cavatappi not elbows)

baby arugula salad.

damn, its 10:30 and I'm already ready for dinner.


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