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Happy Birthday, Ron!  Me, I'm working a 15 hour day today, so dinner will be whatever fast food I can find on a short break.

Yeah, Happy Birth Day Ron,...and nothing fancy for us, we had some deep fried popcorn shrimp
and frozen mixed vegies....


--- Quote from: bluesman on November 15, 2010, 07:21:05 AM ---Grilled chicken and steak tacos with rice and beans to celebrate my birthday today.  8)

--- End quote ---

Happy Birthday!  Hope you're having some cake with those tacos.  Or at least a celebratory kine beer!

Sat I had grilled grass fed Angus: a choice NY strip and a top sirloin steak both marinated in fresh squeezed lime juice and cilantro.

Grilled medium and sliced thin most of it got vac-sealed in small portions. I'll be taking them to my geriatric parents at Thanksgiving. Also did two racks of St Louis style ribs. They'll get most of that too.

The next night posole from smoked country-style pork ribs. It was truly awesome and there's nothing left. Dinner? Tonight? If I'm lucky something barely edible from the cafeteria at work... :P

Veggie tacos with homemade tortillas, grilled brocolli, mushroom and onions, black beans a smashed avacado. a little habenero sauce just to make things interesting. pie for desert maybe


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