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A number of people have asked me to publish some of the water recipes I'm using. I guess b/c I talk so much about water.

So I decided to do that here:

But don't get the idea that these are highly optimized and elaborate recipes. I generally only care about residual alkalinity and hardness. When it comes to hardness I prerfer softer water but have yet to make a side-by-side with waters that have large diferences in their hardness.

See them as starting points.


Cool!  Thanks as always!  I tend not to mess with my water and do as is traditionally done...brew styles that fit my water, rather than try to make water to fit the style I'm brewing.  But your guidelines will be really valuable for those times I'm gonna make water.

Building water from scratch is really a home brewer only thing. I think only few commercial brewers would want to go that route given the capital investment and the amount of waste water produced by an RO system.

But building water adds so many more knobs that a homebrewer can turn and this can be rather daunting for beginners. When I moved to the new house and started using RO water I didn’t know want to aim for either. So many choices. In the end I actually started emulating the water I had in North Carolina b/c it had worked so well for me. Later I gained a better understanding of water chemistry and figured out what is important and what not.

But having a collection of basic water recipes for a handful of different styles should help many who want to or have to build water from scratch but don’t know where to start.

lonnie mac:
Thanks Kai! This is some GREAT stuff...

I do all my water myself also. RO... Indeed at first it can be a scary thing to figure all this out.

I don't know about that assertion, Kai.  Maybe at the big level, but not so much on micros.
My pro friend has recommended for a year now to get an RO system.  Nothing like peer pressure.  I still might cave one day - I might get a quote just for kicks.

He says that most craft breweries use RO (he's friendly with a lot of the Cali and Denver micros), and frankly, every brewpub I've been to and brewer that I have talked to uses RO water and adds some back.  

We just had a discussion on the NB board - Stone uses RO according to a recent Jamil podcast.  

I think building from RO gives a level of consistency that is necessary for quality control.

Anyhow - thanks for taking the time to make that list - I am going to pm/email you later a profile that I used for my Baltic Porter - I think I overdid it a bit  :-[ but there's so much complexity in there, who'll notice!


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