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I am going for a high gravity porter to warm me up in the winter. What do you all think of this recipe:

OG: 1.111
FG: 1.025
ABV: 12%
IBU: 35

Weyermen Munich II - 4 lbs
American Briess Toasted Barley (Victory) - .5 lb
Weyrmann Rauch (smoked malt) - .25 lb
Amber LME - 8 lb
DME - 1 lb (for the starter)
Corn Sugar - 2 lb

Magnum .5 oz all of boil (60 min)
Mount Hood 1 oz 30 min from end
Magnum .5 oz 30 min from end

Yeast: Abbey IV Ale Yeast (not sure about this)

What do you all think?

The Professor:
Looks pretty good to me...but why waste the money on corn sugar???   Table sugar or some brown sugar  will work just as well (maybe even better)  and will save some $$$ besides.

Oh really? I have used table sugar to prime for bottling before but for some reason never tried it with the actual recipe. I will give that a shot in this one; you are right, much cheaper way to go.

If your doing a mash corn starch can be converted to corn sugar. Corn sugar is fermented differently than table sugar.

I would use an American Ale yeast (SA 05, Wyeast 1056) or an English Ale yeast.  I think it would allow the flavor of the grains to shine through better.  On the other hand, the belgian yeast might add a different flavor that is not typical of porters. :-\


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