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Trapistes Rochefort 6,8,& 10

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This beer gets all thumbs up.  It is really enjoyable.

Have you ever tried Herman Holtrop's "clone" recipe for it?  It's astoundingly close. I make it several times a year.

This is Denny?

60 minute boil?

That looks in the ballpark.  Here's the original recipe with details and comments....

Yes I tried Herman's recipe. Definately close.  The blind taste test I did here at the house with some
Genuine Rochefort 8, VS my homebrewed recipe using Hermann's as a basis was preferred by blind tasters.
Freshness could be the deciding variable, that and the fact that my batch was lower in Alcohol than the monk's
which I am sure reduced harshness.

Edit: I hate it when I fat finger type something wrong in the header...sorry, my bad ...


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