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Coconut Porter Thoughts?

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Hi All,

I'm trying to get some coconut flavor into my porter. I took the recipe from a back issue of Zymurgy. Here's a thought and I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on this...

So, I'm thinking about filtering the beer (porter) through coconut in order to get the coconut flavor into the beer. What are people's thoughts on this? The porter is in the primary fermentor (brewed on Saturday November 14th). When racking, I'm considering running it through toasted coconut in order to add flavor AND filter it to pull out some particulate matter. If anyone has feedback on this, please let me know!

Thanks so much,

You might have better luck with getting coconut flavor by adding an extract either in the secondary or at bottling.  Maybe something like this: (just found from a quick google search.  I've never used it so can't vouch for it.)

I brewed beer once using spendy Jaggery sugar derived from coconut the jaggery tasted like coconut.
After the yeast got done chewing on the brew, it did NOT taste like coconut.  This may be more difficult
than you imagine.  The addition of extract to Secondary may be your best shot...IMO.


I added the extract in the secondary of a chocolate coconut porter I made.  It worked pretty well.

Try both, IMO you want to layer natural flavors and even artificial flavors (use an easy hand with these) to support the original flavor. For exampIe I used maple and fenugreek (used in artificial maple syrup) in a Baltic Porter, thanks to Randy Mosher's Book for the idea. I refined it a bit using some research about how artificial flavors are created, you can use this for just about any food or drink.

1. Character Item (Coconut)
2. Contributory Item (Artificial Coconut Extract) supports the flavor in item 1
3. Differential Item (Jaggery) makes item 2 acceptable to the taster

Use a light hand with this, remember that you don't want a coconut beer with a hint of porter.

Good luck.


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