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Fridge or freezer?

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I'm new to kegging and I'm wondering which is the better option to make a kegerator: 
A fridge with faucets in the door,
A chest freezer/temp controller with faucets in the face
Can you guys help me with the pros & cons, maybe even a couple "I wish I would've..." scenarios?  I have two corny kegs and a 20lb cylinder, but the ideas is to have 4 or 5 kegs/faucets with two of them being root beer and cola and three being whatever I brew.

Just went through this. Where I live on this rock the freezers are in $hort $upply on Craigslist. Plus the cost of the temp controller. BE AWARE the upright freezers have freon running through the shelves you can NOT remove the shelves and thus not get the keggies in there so you need a chest.

Whereas the upright fridges are for sale under $100 all day long. I got a fridge up freezer down Sears model for $50 bucks. Fits 6 keggies or 5 and a CO2 bottle, plus ice for the travel coolers below......and, no temp controller, and a smaller footprint.

And, no collar to build. Just a few holes in the door where I am SURE there is no freon. Idiot proof. And, if it croaks, I chuck it and get another one and be back in business in a matter of a few hours, whereas if your chest croaks and you built a have to find the exact same size chest or build a new collar. And, be careful drilling in chests..... there is freon tubing in the sides.... :o

I have a chest kegerator that I just finished last night. It is awesome.

I also have a beer fridge in my garage that I want to install two taps into. It will hold two kegs. I think the main consideration is "how many kegs do you want to have on tap".
Chest freezers by and large have more capacity.  If you only have one or two beers on tap at a time, then a beer fridge may be the better option.

My fridge has room for 6 kegs, and as many taps on the door......

What oscarvan said, except not all upright freezers have the coils in the shelves.

Another concern would be your space and what would fit best.


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