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Slowed down my sparge,and got a boost

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I slowed down my sparge on 12 gallons of Belgian Singel, and ended up with 1.058 instead of 1.050. Not a huge increase in efficiency, but a big enough spike to notice it :D

Here is a study conducted by CRAFT on the poor effeciency we were getting with our keggle system.  It agrees with your findings


And if you were just batch sparging, it wouldn't matter! ;) At least, in the dozen or so trials I've done, that's what I found.

You know Denny,  as much as I love and do fly/continious sparging I now reserve that process only for those beers I make with a mashtun FULL of grain (26-30 pounds).  Otherwise even I batch sparge, though slightly differently than you do.  (after running to clear) I first drain the mash tun (no additional water), then add half the remaining volume I need, and finally the other half.  That way I don't need to worry about how much I'm going to get out of my mash tun.  I 'know' ;) I'm doing something wrong because I use a 10 gal YELLOW round cooler.

Distracted,  in the study we did NOT look into batch sparging.


Fred, what's the reason for doing 2 sparge additions?  Not enough room in the cooler to do it all at once?  That's the only time I find myself doing more than one.


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