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Vanilla in a porter

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I've never brewed with the stuff, perhaps because my first vanilla beer was like drinking the extract bottle.
How much, for how long and how should I induce the flavor to 5 gal of robust porter



When I brewed Denny's BVIP a while back a did two vanilla seeds in the secondary for two weeks.  I'll say that it was maybe a little over the top on vanilla flavor but not by much.  I think if I did it again maybe I'd decrease the time.

Edit - Just realized I quoted Denny's recipes twice in a short amount of time.  Not sucking up here, I was just on TB at the time I brewed them and was happy with the results!  But yes, I shamelessly copied the recipes.

Good to know but there will be no bourbon in this beer so the vanilla should come thru differently


Not sure how much vanilla you're going for here but if you're just looking for a hint I'd think that going with one bean might be best.

If the beans are fresh and/or high quality, I would start with one. Two is just overkill IME. I just split them lengthwise and chop into a few pieces, then add to the secondary. I would start tasting after a week but depending on how much vanilla flavor you want, it will probably be 2-3 in the secondary.


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