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Denny's BVIP . . Extract?

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My friend Jim came up for the weekend and last night we shared an AG BVIP I made back in September. He went nuts over it and wants to make a batch for himself. He is however, an extract guy. So, is there an extract rec. for this floating about or someone (denny) care to help out?



You'd have to be able to do a fair sized partial mash (5 lb. or more) since it includes both brown malt and Munich, which need to be mashed.  Those 2 make 4 lb. and I'd include at least a lb. of pale malt to ensure conversion.

Hey Denny.  Where is your all grain recipe for this posted?  Could you send a link or recipe?  Thanks!

Never mind, found it in the Wiki section!

Well....  no mention in the wiki recipe about the bourbon or the vanilla!  Can you elaborate Denny?


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