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What's the Weather Like Where You Are?

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We all live all over the place... So what's the weather like where you are?

Me - 66⁰F - clear - cool breeze coming down off of Mauna Loa - sky full of stars - no moon till later.

Out in a lawn recliner on the lanai, a Torpedo in my left hand, wife-made lumpia in my right... yum!

Seriously?  The guy who lives in Hawaii wants to know what our weather is like?  Are you sure you're not just trying to rub it in? :)

37F.  Overcast.  I have no idea where the wind is coming from because it's too damn cold to be outside in a weazeltoe state of dress.

We should have sun breaks for the next several days though, so there's that.

27 f/-3 c, a reasonable amount of snow on the ground. Getting up to 43 f this weekend, so I may go out and throw the ol' pigskin on the grounds of the chateau with my nephew. Overcast, overcast, overcast. I miss NYC winters. All sun all the time, blistering cold, but lots of sun.

Eastern PA was windy as heck, with horizontal monsoon, temps in the 50's yesterday, then cleared and dropped into the 30's. Manchester UK, where I am now is 32º and has about an inch of snow on the ground.

Winter week has arrived here in sunny N. FL ....
today high of 58F, low of 27.  mid 60's/mid 30's predicted for the rest of the week. time to break out the leather jacket for a few days.

that just begs the question, what are you drinking?
a dram of balvenie single cask last night, maybe a vintage thomas hardy tonight


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