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My father in law got ahold of a 50# bag of Colorado Malting Company "Base Pale." He told me to let him know when I need more. He can either get it free, or on the cheap, can't remember. What a score! I was just getting ready to buy more base malt.
 I have read a couple threads about the stuff and people seem to be very impressed with it.

I am curious if any of you have used the stuff.

I have never heard of it so let us know how it is.

I used in once in our club's Iron Brewer. We made a sort of pale ale with it and it was fine. Nice clear, yellow colored beer.

I got a hold of 10# of CO Malting Base malt earlier this year.   Worked very well in a straight-up pale ale.   I'd definitely use it again - and our club is working to get a few bags...


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