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They were a sponsor for a category in a local beer competition.
To my surprise I got a letter saying Congratulations for winning the Light/Hybrid category and it came with an ID number plus a phone number.
The certificate was good for a free bag of malt, my choosing!

Pretty damn cool prize, it arrived this week.

Now I have 55lbs of Munich to use up  8)

SWEET!!!! ;)

Yeah - its pretty cool - I got one earlier this year - went with German Pilsner Malt.  It was pretty good though not as good as Best.

But the price was much better!

I have ten gallons of late-season O-fest made with Cargill Munich lagering right now.  The jury's still out.  I've used both the Pils and Munich from Cargill and everything's been uninteresting so far, though I still have quite a bit left.

I chose Dingemans Munich


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