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Where to get custom Belgian-style glassware?

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Siamese Moose:
I want to get some custom glasses with my logo on them. I know of several places where I can get standard pub glasses, but I especially want some Belgian styles. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

This thread in Homebrew Talk was talking about it:

My wife surprised me with some personalized glasses with a custom logo on it a few years ago.  You can try or  The nice thing is that once your custom logo is on file they can make more as they save the logo.  There is also a phone number if you want to talk to them directly (1-800-779-3344).

Sorry, I should have checked out my referral to make sure they sold the Belgian style glasses before I added it.

Here's a place w/ tulip style (a la Duvel) w/out logos.  They don't do logos, but I'm considering buying the glasses and having the logos done locally:


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