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Dave King:

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--- Quote from: dking3 on April 16, 2011, 04:34:04 PM ---I looked at my hop inventory, and I've got lots of both Columbus pellets and whole hops in the freezer.  I'm thinking of making a Rye IPA with all Columbus.  I've got 2 lb of rye malt, which should be OK for a 6 gallon, 1.070 O.G. with 2 row and some crystal malt.  Anyone know if all Columbus would be a bad idea?   ???    Thanks,

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Dave, take a look at my recipe.  The combo of Mt. Hood and Columbus adds a wonderful complexity.  You could do all Columbus if you want, but it might be a bit intense.  Not necessarily a bad idea, but maybe not the best, either.  Also, My recipe uses 18% rye malt.  My taste buds tell me that less than about 15% is really hard to detect.

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Thanks Denny, Joe, the issue is living so far out in the middle of nowhere.  But, I might be able to get to a homebrew shop in Rochester, NY in a week or so, and if I do, I'll pick up some Mt. Hood and more rye malt, but I doubt they'll have the latter (I just sent them a note asking).  The next time I do a mail order, I'll definitely add rye malt. 

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BTW, I've got Amarillo, Centennial, Chinook, US Goldings, Northern Brewer, and my homegrown Cascades in the freezer, but I'll bet you wouldn't say any of these would be good substitutes for Mt. Hood. 


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--- Quote from: denny on April 16, 2011, 03:02:14 PM ---Are you logged in too the wiki?  Give me an example of one that needs to be changed and I'll give it a try.

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I'm clearly out of my depth.  

I tried to move the recipe called "Standard/Ordinary Bitter", unsuccessfully, but the "Crooked Tooth Bitter" recipe seems to have disappeared (I didn't think I was even editing that one...)

Anyway, I think I'm best off leaving the wiki alone...
See if you can fix the damage I seem to have done.

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Standard/ordinary Bitter is a category, not a recipe.  It's still there and if you click on it, the Crooked Tooth Bitter recipe is there, too.  No harm, no foul.

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Someone placed a Special Bitter recipe called "Standard/Ordinary Bitter" in the Standard/Ordinary Bitter category.  It gets confusing, doesn't it?

The Crooked Tooth Bitter recipe is still there, thanks.

Thank you! Always looking for some great recipes, with credit due back the brewer of course. Although, I really enjoy sticking the fruit niche. The raspberry, cherry, blueberry, apple-spice, pomegranate and strawberry.

Sorry if I selected the forum thread incorrectly. But I would like to share.
Step-by-step recipe for wheat beer WEIZEN at home from pouring water to tasting - a full cycle.


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