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Author Topic: Bottling all-Brett beers - re pitch yeast?  (Read 1170 times)

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Bottling all-Brett beers - re pitch yeast?
« on: December 14, 2010, 11:02:10 am »
I have two batches (3 gallons each) made with only Brett.  One used Wyeast Claussenii and the other Wyeast Lambicus.  They have reached their terminal gravities (1.011 and 1.005) and are almost 7 months old.

I know how much sugar I will use, but my question is, would you pitch more yeast?  I am not in a hurry, and if it would take months for the Brett to fully carbonate the beer by eating the sugar I will add, that is fine by me.  But if any of you thought it would really be best to re pitch maybe some dried ale yeast, I could certainly do that.

any thoughts?

p.s.  at this point I think I like the Claussenii better, but mostly because it is a cleaner taste.  The Lambicus is more funky but not sour or tart.  It's a little more pungent and earthy.  I look forward to sampling both over the years to see how they change.  - homebrew log with pictures, brewing guides and more.  - how-to-brew videos and more. -whole lotta pictures.