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Hi All,

I'm curious if anyone has had experience with the Seven Bridges Cooperative starter kit.

It strikes me as more complete, and perhaps better quality, than some of the others I've seen online -- but the Amazon reviews are mixed.

Thanks so much for any help or feedback.


Well, without the book and the beer kit I just calculated that you could buy all of that stuff from NB for $87.12.  Also that kit doesn't include either a hydrometer or a thermometer (other than the stick on, which I included in my price) and I also included an autosiphon rather than the racking cane.  NB might not have the best prices, I just used it as a reference, but I'd suggest exploring piecing together the equipment you need rather than buying a kit.

Edit - And sorry, that's if you haven't been there before.  Like I said, there may be better prices out there, that's just what I used in a quick and dirty comparison to that kit.

Also, check out this thread for other places to shop for stuff:

Just looking around a little more on the NB site I found this kit which is comparable, but better, as it includes a thermometer, hydrometer, autosiphon, bottling bucket, and more bottle caps.

That said, it's the same price as the one you quoted and doesn't include an ingredient kit.  Even so, this is a better deal I think.  But don't take my word for it.  Go look around and see if you can piece things together yourself for a better deal.

I started out with a similiar kit, but have seen some steals on craigslist. 


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