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Author Topic: Thin head  (Read 5140 times)

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Re: Thin head
« Reply #15 on: December 19, 2010, 12:49:35 pm »

Not saying you're wrong

Of course your not saying I am wrong. That would be foolish since I am right  ;) Seriously, the truth of the matter is that fusels are head killers and warm fermentation temps create more fusels. Perhaps, as I alluded to above, pitching temps are even more critical since most of the fusels are generated during the first two or three days of active fermentation. If you start a beer cool - any beer - you will have a better chance at avoiding those fusels.

For instance, lets look at the pitching temp of several Trappist beers according to BLAM (and their fermentation temp.)

Achel Bruin Pitched 64/Ferments to 72-73
Chimay Red Pitched 68/Climbs to 81-82
Orval: Pitched 57/Climbs to 72
Rochefort 10: Pitched 68/Climbs to 73
Westmalle Tripel: Pitched 64/Climbs to 68
Westvleteren 8: Pitched 68/Climbs to 82-84

So, you can see not one of them pitches warmer than 68 degrees, and many of them pitch in the low 60s (or high 50s in the case of Orval). And really, with the exception of Chimay and Westvleteren the temp spikes aren't that terribly warm.

Also, I can;t remember where I read it now but it seems I recal it being mentioned than many of these Belgian strains just generate less fusels at warmer temps. Saison duPont is even rumored to have gotten its start as a red wine yeast (red wines are notoriously fermented warm.)

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Re: Thin head
« Reply #16 on: December 19, 2010, 01:26:25 pm »
Wow.  Thanks again.  I didn't expect this to be such an interesting topic.  But then again, most everything about brewing is interesting just by its very nature.

I think I'll get some special T-shirts made with catchy little slogans to put over my carboys.  I figure if I set them in a tub of water and put the shirt right over the top with the airlock sticking out the neck hole, it will wick up water well enough to keep it cool just as suggested above.  The real challenge will be coming up with saying for the shirts.  I'm thinking something like  "Caution: Yeast at work" or "74 billion babies onboard". 

Thanks again.