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Life of mixed Star San? Newbie

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Hi all!    I'm new here.  Looks like a great place to learn something!
 I'd like to ask if there is a way to tell if a mixed batch of sanitizer is still good?    Iodophor seems to loose it's color after a week or so. I am told that when the color goes, don't trust it.    I have a 16"x22' x 6" tall plactic tub with lid,( about 2 1/2 gallon) that I keep my racking canes, stoppers,hydrometer, etc. in. and mix a batch of Star San to sanitize my fermenter,carboy, kegs, then dump it in the plastic tub and not wanting to waste it, put the lid on, for next weeks brew day. What are your thoughts on this?
Any tips for sanitizers in general? Too bad a little steam boiler isn't practical for home crafters to use for cleaning/sanitizing.....

If you have pH strips, that's the best way to check Star San. It's effective as long as the pH stays below 3. If you use distilled water to dilute it I believe it will last longer.

If you store Iodophor in an air-tight container it will keep indefinitely.


--- Quote from: a10t2 on November 29, 2009, 10:50:08 PM ---If you store Iodophor in an air-tight container it will keep indefinitely.

--- End quote ---
I disagree with this statement.
Concentrated Iodaphor is pretty stable but once it is mixed up with water it is effective for a few hours.

If you want to know more listen podcast on Basic Brewing "March 22, 2007 - Sanitizing with Iodophor":
Audio file is here:

Thanks for the replies!  That's good to know about the PH test strips. Thanks!

I rarely test the pH of my Star San solutions. If they are still clear I trust them. Even if it gets a bit cloudy it still works. I prepare them with reverse osmosis water and think that it takes a lot of contamination to bring the pH up. Recently I started keeping the old batch of Star San around to rinse any equipment, in particular the turkey baster, before it goes into the current batch of sanitizer. This seems to keep it clear for much longer.



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