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My BK pickup is finally done

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Not Sure if it is easier than hopbags, but I will definately get better utilization.  I got good flow if I stired a little on top of the T.

So, does that not clog up?  Every time I've tried using braid in the kettle it seems to clog almost instantly.  I'd sure like to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

It does clog to an extent.  But if you stir at the top of the "T," there is so much surface area, that you keep good flow.

I saw a friend using a single braid boasting that it won't clog.  We were using the funnel by the end of filling his 2nd carboy.

That is where I got this idea from.  2  inlets seems to work well.

Cool, thanks for the tip!  When I can overcome my laziness, I think I'll give it a try!

I like to keep my Bazooka screen along the side. That way I can whirlpool all the hops and trub into the center which helps keep the screen from clogging. Just brewed 10 gallons of double IPA without a problem.


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