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Did I add too much CaCO3 and gypsum?

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Pawtucket Patriot:
I brewed an American IPA several weeks ago and tasted a sample from the keg today.  I'm getting a pronounced mineral-like bitterness that I think could be due to adding too much CaCO3 and/or gypsum to the mash.  Then again, it could just be my palate today.   :-\

After mineral additions, my water profile looked something like this.  Is this an acceptable profile for an American IPA?


Thanks in advance.   8)

Nothing really looks out of line to me. The SO4 is high compared to what I usually use, but for an IPA I doubt it is too high. 

I like to have the Bicarbonate at least two thirds of the Sulfate, one half is even better. The values don't look like enough to get you minerally taste. Let's hope it is the taster.

Pawtucket Patriot:
Thanks for the replies.  I didn't think my numbers seemed too out of whack.  I guess I'll just have to keep tasting!   ;D

Out of curiosity, how did you test your water after the mineral additions? Did you have to send it away or are there home kits for this? Or I suppose you may have just calculated based on city water report plus what you added. At any rate, I'm cusious as how to get these numbers. Thanks. SHS


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