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Re: Kronenbourg 1664
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Well, I was just making fun a bit, because 1664 is definitely the Budweiser analog here.

Also, while Fischer is a good beer for sure, at the most recent Soiree Choucroute I had about 8 of those things. I dunno what they put in them, but JIMINY CRICKETS I had the worst, worst worst worst hangover in my entire life the morning after. Like 2x a bad champagne hangover.

Yes! I had many a hangover from Kronenbourg when I lived in France. The town I lived in was the Absinthe capital of the world (so they claimed) and had 6 functioning distillieries for a town of 15,000! You could buy a glass for 50 cents. I guess that might have had something to do with the hangovers as well. :)
What town is that?  My in-laws in France always have 1664, Kanterbrau and grimbergen in the beer fridge on the front porch.  But there is some really good French beer if you're willing to look for it,

The town is called Pontarlier, in Franche-Comte. There is a a great brewery near there in a town called Lons le Saunier, but I can't remember the name of the brewery. L'isle de  Rouge or something like that???