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I now know what 'vigorous fermentation' means

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2L WY1007 starter on stir plate.  1 servomyces cap in boil.  O2 injection...
I knew up front that I should really be using a carboy w/ blow-off tube for this, but I thought I could get away with a 6.5 gal. bucket & 3-piece airlock at 58F.  Luckily I always have a couple extra airlocks on hand to change out in this kind of situation.  Keeping a close eye on things in case airlock plugs & blows right off the fermenter, but not a problem so far. :P

Did you throw the lid yet?  My record is 8 feet.   ;D

I had to change the air lock 5 times in one day when I put my Double IPA on a yeast cake once.  At least it didn't blow the lid off of my fermenter.

I have "painted" the ceiling before in a closet after forgeting to take off the airlock and put on a blow off hose.

I knew up front that the 1007 builds a monster krausen.  Between that and using my new stir plate and O2 system for the first time, I knew that I'd better watch things like a hawk!  All is good so far, and blow-off seems to be letting up after 48 hr.  Hopefully I'll be doing my final airlock swap in a couple hours.  Edit:  I also got a very clean transfer out of my boil kettle, so I don't have any chunks coming through to plug things up.


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