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Been scarce, wife has cancer

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I fully planned on spending time here but am now dogged by this thing called breast cancer. My wife has been sick and has a pretty serious issue with it so I have not been able to get in here and post and share. Have been spending days off work at doctors and such. She will have full mastectomy and reconstructive after chemo is over. Funny, we just don't feel that old yet. Both of us are 44 and thought this was for older people.....until now.

A little advice for my friends, have your wife go in every year for a mamogram, no matter what anyone else says.


I am sad to hear this.  Please know you and your wife are in my prayers.

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear this news. My prayers are with you. A close family friend has been battling this for 3 years. Stay strong!

Thanks guys. Rep, you look familiar. You from the NB forum?

mtbrewer, thanks. Keeping the faith. I know many go thru this all the time but I really couldn't appreciate it until its my turn to deal with it.

15th is the surgery, University of Michigan hospital has been the epicenter of our life lately. What an awesome place....words can't explain. Its like a city within a city.....with a hotel and everything !!!!

I'll keep you all posted.


The Professor:
wow...sorry to hear this news.  Hang in there and know that everyone here will be sending lots of positive energy your way.


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