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While prepping two starters last night I accidentally pitched a vial of yeast into the wrong flask. The resulting blends are now

A. 2xWLP500, 1xWLP530
B. 2xWLP530, 1xWLP500

Both are stirplated at approximately 2.75L each. They will each be pitched into an 1.085 OG Tripel. I know it's a lot of yeast. The planned cell count is higher than the Mr Malty default of 0.75M per ml per deg Plato (I targeted over 1.0M / ml./deg P).

You think there is any reason I should scrap the starters or cancell my brew day? I assume I will just get the blended flavors of the two strains proportional to how many vials of each went into each starter.


--- Quote from: timmyr on December 30, 2010, 03:32:03 PM ---You think there is any reason I should scrap the starters or cancell my brew day?
--- End quote ---

No way!

Brew with the blend.  Those are two nice strains you have there and will play nicely with each other I think.

I have considered blending some yeasts. If you use it, please report back.

Right on...I was not planning to dump unless someone really thought it was going to go bad....the base beer will be a Tripel with all American Hops (Belgian DIPA maybe.)

Starters are turning now....we shall see.

Well, the yeast had no problem coexisting together in my starters & wort. I pitched decanted slurries from the starters and both batches had a carboy full of after 12 hours. I pitched at 68F and both carboys are holding 70F for now. The cooler was set to hold 60F ambient but is now set to hold 70F and I am allowing the yeast to free rise as high at 85F (CYBI Captain Lawrence episode). The recipe was based on the CYBI Xtra Gold recipe. My OG was 1.090, 1 min of O2 at pitching and 30s of O2 3 hours after pitching.


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